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Focusvision Smart Banking Surveillance Solution

For those who deal in money, finances and securities are under constant threat of loss and crime. We understand the unique needs of the industry and offer reliable solutions you can bank on!


Today, banks are exposed to many risks, such as vandalism, armed robbery attacks, robberies from automatic distributors and hold ups. This is why Focusvision has designed an evolved and reliable CCTV solution in order to satisfy the protection and identification needs of banks. 

 Focusvision Banking Surveillance Solution powerful functionalities embedded with advanced technologies including 4K, H.265, SG/4G, Cloud Storage, Big Data help banks integrate all facilities from branches to service centers to treasuries- into a centralized monitoring solution that is easy to deploy and manage and integrate. This allows you to conduct effective surveillance of bank assets, manage safety of personnel, protect restricted areas, and secure ATMs with unwavering reliability, also helps to improve business efficiency and customer satisfaction. 



Core Functions 

       Efficiency Video Management

       Video wall supports overall monitoring in the control center. Operator monitoring in branches allows for local or remote monitoring.

       Local C/S client supports single branch monitoring or multiples-branches centralized monitoring, multiple screen support.

       An object left behind or removed from a pre-defined region is detected and an alarm is triggered for prevention of crime.

       Line crossing detection in sensitive area to protect sensitive area.

      On-board ANPR analytics can detect and recognize a vehicle’s license plate and send license info to a Smart NVR for access management and for post event investigation.

      Focusvision network camera support corridor mode to work perfectly in aisle, Providing HD definition image with limited requirement on bandwidth and storage resources.

      Through advanced motion detection, audio exception detection, abnormal door opening detection and video linkage technologies, multiple incidents happening in banks and offices can be effectively detected and recorded for real-time handling or post-event investigation.