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Focusvision Intelligent Residential Solution

Personal protection and the security of one's family and property is arguably the most important need of every human being. The flexibility of VideoIP based security solutions can make a decisive contribution fulfilling that existential demand.


My house, my car, my video system: Increasingly, private people want to protect their property and thus rely on state-of-the art video security technology. Thereby the application areas are varied and include deterring criminals, triggering alarms in case of thefts or vandalism or provide conclusive evidence to identify perpetrators.

Moreover, modern network technology makes it possible to keep an eye on one's property from anywhere in the world. Whether using internet on your laptop or your mobile phone, you can easily make sure if everything is still fine at your home or holiday apartment. Not much equipment is required to reliably secure private homes. 


      Intelligent Residential Solution


      HD 1080P solutions Smart

        Anlaysis combined with alarm system

        H.265 Video compression 



      Copper and Fiber optic transmission. 


      Central Part:

      Decoding and display system: Featured real-time video preview, playback and division roaming on monitor wall. 

      Control System:All the operation, configuration and management must apply over the platform or client software. The software has two types of framework which are C/S and B/S. For hardware, it includes management platform server and control joystick. 

      Storage system:Features video storage for providing video search and replay. 


System advantages 

     Cost saving. 

      H.265 video compression solution effectively saves the network transmission bandwidth and storage cost. 

      PoE switch can directly connect with PoE IPC to save the wiring cost. 

      Smart IR can provide 50-80 meters of IR distance. 

      Smart HDD management:Features HDD partition in advance. Avoid disk fragmentation. Smart HDD detection and HDD failure alarm. 


      System Compatibility 

      Support ONVIFA and GB28181 protocol. 


      Support maximum 5MP video preview, storage and playback. 

      Support HDMI/VGA dual output.