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Focusvision's Smart Parking Management Solution

2017-09-28 15:32:50

In a crowded marketplace, thousands of retail companies, private businesses and public authorities offer parking facilities. With that ownership comes a duty and a desire to constantly improve their facility’s quality and convenience for customers. Whether at a standalone business, a shopping mall, hospital, supermarket, transportation site, or public parking lot, providing a high-level of service is the key to establishing a good experience, building repeat business and creating a loyal customer base.
The rising costs of property and land means successful parking businesses must strive to make the most economical use of their lots. Therefore the effective management of every square inch of available parking space is an increasing priority.
With years of experience applying intelligent solutions in thousands of businesses around the world, Focusvision, the world’s leading supplier of innovative video surveillance products and solutions, is set to make life easier for parking operators. With their state-of-the-art Smart Parking Management Solution, this solution from Focusvision masterfully improves the efficient management, security, and profitability objectives of parking operators.
Effective Access Management
For parking lots close to town centers or popular facilities, high customer flow during rush hours often creates parking entrance congestion. Effective parking safety and management are critical concerns here, especially in retail sectors.
The Focusvision Smart Parking Management System applies the latest barrier technology, combining it with Focusvision’s industry-standard Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) to ensure seamless, managed vehicular entrance and exit from parking lots. Fast vehicle identification and integrated barrier control software means queues are minimized, and greater vehicle flow can be handled to increase the productivity and efficiency of any parking site.
These industry-leading technologies ensure the delivery of crisp and clear recognition and recording of every vehicle using a parking lot day and night.
Efficient Parking Guidance
Parking Guidance cameras in this robust solution automatically monitor the use of the car park along with the availability of spaces, 24 hours a day. More sophisticated and useful than the usual ‘Spaces available’ sign, the system actually highlights the available parking spaces to customers and guides them to those spaces upon arrival. This is achieved via parking guidance display screens at critical junctions within the car park, which display the number and location of available parking spaces. Additionally, a dynamic lighting indicator system directs customers to a specific space available – reducing customer parking times and creating an experience where drivers always find a free parking space quickly.
Controlled by the Focusvision Parking Guidance Terminal, the system not only provides power and network access for up to 32 nearby cameras, but also provides real-time video for surveillance and incident evidence preservation. Additionally, terminals back up critical data locally and can run parking guidance offline – to ensure optimal system reliability and minimal impact on local area data networks.
Centralised Parking Management
Day-to-day management, including remote barrier control, license plate access management, vehicle accidents and unauthorised parking, can now be achieved with Focusvision’s centralised parking management platform. Providing the information and tools essential to ensuring smooth parking lot operation, the Focusvision Smart Parking Management Solution employs a central management platform that enables operators to deploy manpower, monitor a comprehensive facility overview, and respond to planned and unplanned events quickly and efficiently. 
The system can provide invaluable statistical and analytical parking lot information, helping operators maximize their profitability and supplying status history, parking usage rates, parking vehicle flow, and much more. Integration into third-party systems such as indoor navigation and payment systems are all supported by an Open SDK framework, allowing system integrators to provide operators with a solution that works for them.
In short, parking businesses need to provide the greatest level of flexibility for their customers and ensure they can enter and leave parking lots with minimal hindrance. Automated barriers can help keep customers moving smoothly through parking facilities, but ensuring the best possible vehicle entrance and exit flow without congestion, along with the ability to locate free parking spaces simply and quickly is the key to providing a far better customer experience.
Using the Focusvision Smart Parking Management Solution, commercial parking lot managers can maximise the full potential and profitability of their parking lots – and all while ensuring that their customers feel satisfied and safe in their parking lot of choice