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  • How deep learning benefits the security industry

    Due to the widespread use of high-definition monitoring, the amount of data involved in security surveillance has increased dramatically in a short time. Efficient collection, analysis and application of data and the intelligent use of it are becoming eve

    2017-09-30 09:08:15
  • Intelligent video systems are the next step

    Demands for increased safety are rising, as we are adding more and more cameras and at the same time we need to improve the return on investment. For us the only way to do all this, is to add more intelligence to the video management system (VMS) and use

    2017-09-29 09:40:40
  • Focusvision's Smart Parking Management Solution

    In a crowded marketplace, thousands of retail companies, private businesses and public authorities offer parking facilities. With that ownership comes a duty and a desire to constantly improve their facility’s quality and convenience for customers. Whethe

    2017-09-28 15:32:50